I can’t stop singing praises to Emma Watson even if I tried like in one single speech she not only advocated for women to be treated equally as men but also touched on the fact that men are also victims of gender inequality while also addressing the fact that she is already incredibly privileged

All of the haters can just sit the fuck down because she just killed the game of life

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No one is born a misogynist.  It is a culturally reinforced system of beliefs and behavior.  It can be changed.  It can be unlearned.  But we need to use every opportunity we are given to combat it.  No fight is too small OR too large.  Everything feeds into the larger problem.  Show up and push back.  It can be done.


Actual problems with feminism

- excluding POC, mogai, disabled and especially trans women

- ignoring issues that do not involve the U.S

- not realizing that feminism is for women to realize that they can do what they want and thrashing women who are feminine or wear religious attire

Not problems of feminism

- one teenage girl saying she hates men because 5 men catcalled her while walking home from school

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